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    Jessica Fong is co-founder of indie game studio Lonely Egg Studio, developing artistic and deeply personal games. She is a Bay Area born illustrator, social advocate, and lover of everything creative and crazy~ She enjoys making surreal work; a strong supporter of imaginative realism, attempting to portray what can’t be seen or felt.

    Her studio's first game is "In the Keeper's Shadow", a fantastical retelling of her visionary world and portfolio of over 10 years of work expressing her family’s struggle to confront their history with child abuse. Jessica actively welcomes raising awareness and openly discussing the landscape of child welfare, education, and narratives.

  • 2019 Conventions and Appearances

    Due to Covid-19, my conventions for 2020 have been cancelled. Any appearances I plan to attend will be online events.

    Game Developer's Conference (GDC)

    Conference Associate

    Speaker: Stories That Haunt and Heal

    March 18-22


    Table 1209


    San Jose

    May 24-27



    San Diego

    Sept 27-29

    Red Altar

    Gallery Show


    Los Angeles

    Oct 18

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    In the Keeper's Shadow

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    To the supporters that made the trip to the Fanime 2019 convention possible!

    Fanime was awesome! Great discussions and interest in our game, beautiful cosplays, and lots of creative passion. It helped to grow my business and connect me with other creators and potential partners! Thank you for the support!

    Twitch Donors: Kinglala, SamGushue, ChiefEmann, Starlidae, Anthius0